Ms. Simmons

    Room# 20

    2019-2020 Third Grade Schedule


    7:45-8:15-Breakfast in classrooms and morning work and Announcements

    8:15-8:30-Second Step morning meeting


    9:15-9:25-Bathroom Break

    9:25-10:25-ELA Open Up Module Block

    10:25-11:00-First half of guided reading block/integrated Science and Social Studies


    11:25-11:30-Bathroom Break

    11:30-12:00-Second Half of Guided Reading Block/integrated Science and Social Studies

    12:00-12:30-Recess/Water Break


    1:30-2:30-ELA Open Up All Block

    2:30-2:40-Bathroom Break

    2:40-2:55-Science/Social Studies Mini Lesson/Writing

    2:55-3:00-Pack Up/Copy Down Homework/Afternoon announcements/Dismissal