Licensure Testing Requirements

  • Effective July 1, 2019, initially licensed educators are required to ATTEMPT State required test(s) during the first year of licensing and PASS required tests by the end of the third year of licensing.  If all State required tests are not passed by the third year of the initial license, the license can not be converted to a continuing license. 

    The Praxis Series tests are still used for all licensure areas with the exception of Elementary Education and Special Education. Click here to go the Praxis website. Elementary Education and Special Education require the Pearson and Praxis tests. Click here to go the Pearson testing website.

    Employed educator's seeking to add an area to their teaching license should contact the Licensure Specialist in their school district. Adding an area requires a $60 licensure processing fee. This fee must be paid credit card (MasterCard or VISA). Educator's not employed by a N.C. school system, must make application through the on-line licensure system along with an uploaded copy of their test scores and the licensure processing fee.
    Click on the link below see the State Board Policy on testing requirements.  The Policy includes the tests required for each licensure area as well as the scores required. 

State Board Information on Licensure

Licensure Specialist