Contract Issues and Licensure

  • Contracts are normally extended/renewed based on performance of the educator and continuation of funding for the position. However, licensure status also affects eligibility for extension/renewal of a contract.

    The law states that all educators must hold a valid, "current" teaching license. Therefore, educator contracts stipulate this as well. This means that if an educator does not meet licensure renewal requirements or provisional/alternative licensure requirements, a contract may not be extended/renewed. This is also true for a tenured educator - if their license expires, their career contract becomes void and employment may end.

    Contract issues are handled by the Board in late May of each year. The Human Resource Services Department determines what teachers have/have not met licensure requirements, consider principal/supervisor recommendations, performance and verify the position allotments for the new year and make recommendations for contract renewal or contract non-renewal based on these criteria. 

    Contracts are normally offered to educators prior to school ending each year.

Licensure Specialist