Out-of-State Licensure Requirements

  • Educators that are licensed or have met requirements for licensure in another state should be eligible for a license in North Carolina. This is due to reciprocity agreements, while North Carolina has reciprocity agreements with most states in the U.S for licensure, reciprocity does not exist for testing.

    North Carolina will issue a license to out-of-state applicants based on their degree program completed and/or license that is held from another state. The license will be issued in area(s) as close to the other state's as possible, but it may not be exact. For example, a license from New York for grades Kindergarten - 2 will be issued in N.C. as a Kindergarten - 6 because that is the closest area North Carolina issues. Also, some other areas may require additional course work or testing for licensure in North Carolina than another state may require, thus requiring that the applicant meet a few more requirements to get fully licensed in a certain area.

    Applications for a N.C. license are made through the on-line licensure system. The educator must register for an account and then applications can be created. Documents such as transcripts, test scores, experience forms, etc. will have to be scanned and uploaded with the application.

    Applying for this license requires an $100 licensure processing fee. This fee must be paid by MasterCard or VISA credit card and is non-refundable.

Forms You May Need:

Licensure Specialist