STEM Classes Overview


    Computer Science Discoveries

    This coursework is based on the highly acclaimed curriculum through Students learn how to apply problem-solving strategies and collaborate with teammates to work together to complete assignments and projects involving HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Data, and Microprocessors.  Students do not need any experience with computers to be successful in this class. This course is designed for students with little to no previous background in programming with the intent to prepare them to be confident enough to pursue additional courses in Computer Science or related coursework in high school. 


    The STEM courses cover a variety of topics with a focus on technology and engineering design. Students design various projects and then see their designs come to life while learning future employability skills such as problem-solving, perseverance, and effective communication that will benefit them no matter their future career choice. Topics vary between grade levels and may focus on current events in STEM as well as the design of bridges, instruments, robotics, rockets, coding, and more. In 8th grade, specific emphasis is placed on Flight Dynamics from the forces behind the flight of fixed-wing aircraft, to rocket science, and finally to the application of unmanned aircraft (drones) as a developing career field. 


    Pitsco STEM Expeditions



    Tucker Creek Middle School is a Pitsco STEM Expeditions School.  Our STEM students learn through hands-on, collaborative units that both challenge and empower them to become self-directed learners. Our students also work on selected projects aligned with the NCTSA (Technology Student Association).