• District Pay Plan



    This is a guide for administering salaries and wages for employees of Craven County Schools. Practices described are intended to implement local Board policy and goals, state and federal regulations, and appropriate accreditation standards.



    District jobs are assigned to pay grades based upon compensable factors and grouped with jobs of similar value. On a periodic basis, selected jobs from each job category may be reviewed to ensure that conditions in the district, such as organizational structure, major programs, or significant responsibilities in a particular job, have not changed to a degree warranting a change in job grade classification. This review is to be at the direction of the Superintendent or a designated individual. Newly established jobs are analyzed, job descriptions written, and pay grade assignments are determined prior to hiring personnel for the position. This procedure accomplishes three objectives. First, the job description establishes the responsibilities and duties required to ensure the position is properly classified and in the proper pay grade. Second, the appropriate pay range becomes part of the recruitment and hiring strategy of the district. Third, a consistent practice of salary administration is established at the initiation of each job.



    Pay grades represent the internal job classification as well as external job market pay levels.  The greater the level of compensable factors present in a job, the higher the placement in the pay grade structure.  Jobs with similar overall degrees of compensable factors will be in the same pay grade. The use of pay grade levels facilitates payroll administration and maintains the integrity of the job worth.  The job rate or grade midpoint is the chief control point in the system.  A minimum and maximum pay rate for each grade is computed from the midpoint using technical standards that are designed to maintain pay equity or fair pay for each job in the system of jobs.



    Employment, assignment, and salary placement should be in accordance with the job requirements as specified in the job description.  Where job requirements include transcripts, certificates, or licenses, these must be official and on file with the district.  Human Resources shall determine hiring rates based upon job-related qualifications and previous experience.  Advertisements for positions typically will identify the pay grade for the position.  Salary placement strategies may be different for each employee group consistent with the attainment of district goals.

  • Job Descriptions

    Administrative Assistant

    Adult Educator

    Advanced Manufacturing Teacher

    After School Tutoring Bus Driver

    ASPIRE Coordinator

    Assistant to the Director of Facility Support Services

    Behavior Specialist

    Behavioral Technician


    Bookkeeper and Data Clerk

    Bookkeeper Federal Programs

    Bookkeeper/NC Wise

    Bookkeeper/Secretary - CTE

    Budget Analyst/Payroll Specialist

    Bus Driver

    Bus Driver - Independent

    Bus Driver - After School Tutoring Program

    Bus Monitor

    Cafeteria Manager

    Career Development Coordinator


    Carpenter I

    Carpentry Supervisor

    Central Services Receptionist

    Child Nutrition Manager

    Child Nutrition Supervisor

    Chill-Out Assistant


    College Readiness Partnership Coordinator

    Computer Technician

    Credit Recovery Teacher

    Crew Supervisor - Yards and Grounds

    CTE Curriculum/IMS Coordinator

    Custodial Supervisor


    Data Manager

    Director of Career and Technical Education

    Director of Human Resource Services

    Director of Maintenance

    Director of Operational Support

    Director of Student Services

    Director of Exceptional Children Program

    Director of Transportation

    District Lead Mentor

    District Lead Mentor - Elementary

    District Lead Mentor - Middle

    Exceptional Children School Nurse

    Exceptional Children Program Teacher Assistant

    Exceptional Children Program Bus Monitor

    Exceptional Children Program Caregiver

    Exceptional Children Program Data Manager

    Exceptional Children Program Liaison

    Exceptional Children Program Occu-Prep Teacher Assistant

    Exceptional Children Program Self-Contained Teacher

    Exceptional Children Program Transition Coordinator


    Energy Manager

    English as a Second Language Tutor

    Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

    Family Literacy Teacher Assistant

    Finance Officer

    Food Service Manager

    Food Service Worker

    Grounds Keeper II

    Guidance Secretary

    Hearing Interpreter

    Human Resources Secretary/Receptionist

    HVAC Mechanic

    HVAC Mechanic I

    HVAC Worker

    In-School Suspension Coordinator

    In-School Suspension Assistant

    Interim Cafeteria Manager

    Job Coach

    Language Facilitator

    Licensure Specialist

    Local Area Network Engineer

    Maintenance Worker

    Maintenance Worker - Locksmith

    Maintenance Worker - Plumber

    NC Datawise Manager

    NC Datawise Manager/Secretary

    NC Pre-K Teacher Assistant - Exceptional Children Program

    Occupational Therapist

    Office - 12 Month

    Payroll Specialist

    Payroll Systems Administrator

    Physical Therapist

    Physical Therapist Assistant


    Reading Remediation

    Regular Teacher Assistant

    School Nurse

    School Nutrition Specialist

    School Psychologist


    Secretary - Administration

    Secretary - Records

    Secretary - SIMS


    Secretary/Data Manager

    Secretary/Human Resources Specialist

    Secretary/PowerSchool Data Manager

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Teacher Assistant

    Teacher Assistant - Exceptional Children Program

    Teacher Assistant - Exceptional Children Program Pre-K

    Teacher Assistant - Family Literacy

    Technology Assistant

    Technology Repair

    Technology Technician

    Technology Technician I

    Technology Technician III

    Test Technician

    TIMS Coordinator

    Title I Teacher Assistant

    Transportation Coordinator

    Transportation Parks Clerk

    Transportation Shop Supervisor


    Warehouse Clerk

    Warehouse Manager I

    Warehouse Manager II