• Driver's Education


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    dred DRIVER'S EDUCATION CLASSES  : Craven County Schools contracts with a NC Driving School, JDS Carolinas, Inc., to provide students the opportunity to take Driver's Education in order to obtain a Driver's Eligibility Certificate. The system has implemented a $45.00 fee for students who are eligible to take Driver Education.  Students may pay by cash, cashier’s check or money order. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.

    Currently, North Carolina requires driver education for anyone below 18 years of age in order to apply for a license.  Students who are 14 1/2 or older are eligible to take the Driver's Education. Students should pre-register for the class in the HHS guidance office during school hours. 

    Students and parents should check daily announcements and/or the school calendar for class schedules. Space in the class may be limited.

    After successful completion of the classroom portion, students will be prioritized according to their age and scheduled by the teacher to drive for the behind-the-wheel 6 hours of class.

    If you have other questions, you contact the school office or JDS Carolinas, Inc. 


    license DRIVER'S EDUCATION CERTIFICATES  : Driver Eligibility Certificates are valid for 30 days from the date of validation.  Please submit completed driver eligibility certificate to DMV before the 30-day deadline.  If you know you are not going to DMV within 30 days or you are not going to be 15 years old within 30 days, please wait until you are ready to get your learner's permit before starting this process.

    Students must pass 3 or 4 courses in the last semester in order to obtain a validation seal on the driver eligibility certificate.  Final marks in courses are checked.  Nine weeks grades are NOT used for validation.  If you fail two or more courses at HHS or you drop out of school before your 18th birthday, you will NOT get your driver eligibility certificate validated and your license or permit will be revoked by the State.

    Please follow these steps in obtaining your Driver Eligibility Certificate:

    After completing both the classroom and driving phases of driver's education, students need to take their driver education certificate to the main office.

    • A parent and/or guardian must review and sign the certificate in the presence of the school official who will then date and seal the certificate.
    • The student must present his/her Driver's Education Certificate when applying for the Driver Eligibility Certificate.

    • Lost certificates must be replaced via JDS Carolinas, Inc. There is a $10 fee.