• Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy           

    Brinson Memorial Elementary 



    Annual Public Meetings


    Our school receives Federal Title I funds to focus efforts on improving academic achievement of disadvantaged students. All Title I school events are open to the public. Brinson conducts various types of meetings to engage parents and families, such as an event like Family Math Night, STEM Night, and Open House for orientation to Title I.  Such events provide opportunities for parents and families to evaluate and/or make improvements to our SIP (School Improvement Plan) and Parent/Family Compact. The information will be compiled and coordinated to ensure implementation and improvement of the school. Brinson also hosts a Kindergarten Orientation, a Book Fair, and a variety of PTA sponsored events. Other numerous get-togethers provide opportunities for parents and families to obtain information from our Title I teachers and ask questions they may have related to the Title I program.


    Regular Meetings


    All teachers conduct conferences with students and parents/families as well as communicate by phone and email.  These meetings help parents/families meet the obligation of being their child’s first educator. This promotes and creates a two-way dialogue between home and school.


    Weekly communication is provided through Brinson’s Tuesday Folders, newsletters, and public access to the teachers’ school web pages.  


    Teachers, School Leaders and School Support Personnel are available throughout the year as needed. Various methods of contact selected by teachers, such as Remind 101, Class Dojo, and administration made telephone calls are also used to support communication.  The Powerschool app is also available for additional student information.


    Flexible Meetings


    Title I personnel will be available at school events for parents and students.


    Meetings and school events are held primarily in the evening to accommodate our parents’ and families’ schedules. However, meetings/events can be scheduled during the school day, if needed.


    Information regarding Title I engagement is posted regularly on our web page, available from the classroom folders, and published in newsletters.


    Varied and sustained practices will be implemented to enhance parent and family engagement activities and to reflect the needs of our students and families.


    Engaging Parents and Families


    We believe that a child’s education must engage all stakeholders as partners.  Brinson has a parent/family representative on our School Improvement Team who attends the meetings.  We also have a PTA Board that meets monthly. Our HUG volunteer coordinators encourage parents to become engaged with our individual classrooms.


    Some Opportunities Have Included:

    • Family Math Night

    • Kindergarten Orientation

    • Weekly Classroom take-home folders to assist parents and teachers in communicating with one another

    • Telephone conversations

    • Bingo/Family Dinner

    • Spirit Rock

    • STEM Night


    Timely Information


    The following activities enable parents/families and staff members to work together in order to build a strong partnership between home and school.

    • An Open House is held for families to meet the individual teachers and learn about the classroom environment

    • Weekly academic and classroom information folders are sent home

    • Communications from the school and PTA are sent home or posted on PeachJar (Craven County Schools’ online site for community notifications--see link on school and county website)

    • Data is published and distributed

    • Web pages of staff members (teachers and Title I) are updated regularly (links are on the school website: https://www.cravenk12.org/BME) 

    • Title I representatives attend school functions

    • Parents and families are made aware of all our events through:

      • Alert-Now Telephone messages (mass calls made from school to home by administration)

      • Craven County Home Web page and school websites

      • PeachJar and school social media sites

      • Take home flyers that are sent home in communication folders throughout the year for special events


    Parent/Family Assistance


    Information pertaining to state academic standards, content, and local/state assessments as well as school wide requirements are provided.


    Information focuses on the understanding of daily curriculum and school requirements for each student.


    Guidance Counselors, School Leaders and Support Personnel can provide strategies to a group or to an individual, based on needs.


    Parent/Family/Student/School Compacts


    The compact outlines how parents/families, the entire school staff, and students share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.  It details specific ways the school and families partner to help all children achieve North Carolina’s academic standards.


    Highlighted Measures include:

    • The responsibility of the school providing high quality curriculum and instruction

    • The ways parents and families are responsible for supporting their children’s learning

    • The importance of ongoing communication between parents/families and teachers, access to staff, opportunities for parents and families to volunteer and participate in their children’s education

    • The student’s responsibilities in the classroom 


    Materials and Training


    Brinson encourages parents and families to participate in their child’s/children’s education.  Our Title I Family Resource Center is currently located in a room in the front office. It provides information pamphlets, parenting DVDs, educational material, games, and support to parents and families for the benefit of all students.  These items may be checked out for support use at home.


    Title I teachers are available to provide parents and families with ideas and activities to help their children at home.


    Home-School Connection flyers are sent home monthly. These flyers give tips to parents for supporting curriculum.


    Title l Funds are also used to purchase learning materials for the school as well as provide professional development for staff based on the needs of the school.  These purchases are voted upon by the School Improvement Team.


    Coordination and Integration


    Brinson collaborates with all federal, state and local entities to ensure that we develop appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses, including faith-based organizations, in parental/family engagement activities.


    Opportunities for EL(English Language)  and SWD (Students with Disabilities) Parents

    We have the following staff in place, if needed:

    • School Nurse

    • Interpreters

    • Teachers for the Hearing and Visually Impaired

    • Speech Teachers

    • Occupational Therapists

    • A Handicap accessible facility

    • Information sent home (as much as possible) in native language


    Equal Opportunity Statement

    Craven County School System administers all policies, education programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of individual’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, age, physical characteristics, national origin, socioeconomic status or disability, except where exemption is appropriate and allowed by law.


    Title IX Coordinator and Americans with Disabilities Act


    Ms. Debbie Hodges Mr. Daniel Skinner

    Student Support Services                                Director of Facility Support Services


    Mr. Jason Griffin                                               Dr. Wendy Miller

    Director of Elementary Education                   Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Services