What is Governor's School? Why Should I be Interested?


    Each summer, a unique learning community is built by some of  North Caroliina's birghtest and most talented high school students with a fascinating group of faculty and staff.

    • Administered by the NC State Board of Education and Department of Public Instruction, Governor's School is one program with two campuses (Governor's School West at High Point University in High Point; Governor's School East at Meredith College in Raleigh)
    • Student love in a residence hall, with a roommate, on a college campus!
    • Student are nominated/selected in one of ten different discipline- Choral Music, Dance, English, Foreign Language (French or Spanish), Instrumental Music, Mathematics, Natural Science,  Social Science, Theater and Visual Arts. This becomes their AREA I class, with a focus on 20th/21st century topics.
    • Every student also takes integrated classess in AREA II (concept development, philosophical thinking and questioning)and AREA III (Self and Society) for a well-rounded and innovative educational experience.
    • PLUS:  Intriguing electives outside your discipline, fascinaating speakers, amazing concerts/performances, fun recreational opportunites, and much more!
    • Looking for tests and grades? Look elsewhere! There are NONE at Governor's School. The pressure for scores and high marks is replaced by an excitement for questioning and learning for its own sake.

    Please refer to ncgovschool.org for more information. 

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    North Carolina Governor’s School

    Informational Meeting

    Come learn about the North Carolina Governor’s School, a jewel of public education for bright and talented high-school students every summer!

    This interactive online meeting will share details about the program and how students can be nominated and selected to attend.


    Craven County Schools 

    Thur., Oct. 1, 7:00-8:00 pm


    This event includes a presentation from a representative of the Office of the North Carolina Governor’s School at the NC Department of Public Instruction, and local nomination details from Craven County Schools administrators. Representatives from neighboring public school systems, charter schools and private schools might also be in attendance, so all students and parents from the region are invited!



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    Talk with your school counselor to learn how students are locally nominated, then download the Student Applicationn from the Governor's School Website. (www.ncgovschool.org) 

    FIRST download and save the form. THEN open the saved form and edit. Required documents includes:

    1. Student Application- Basic info, two essays, Personal Readiness items
    2. Reccomedations (must have two; at least one must be form a high school teacher, predferably in your discipline)
    3. Other info your school provides (Student Eligibility Form, transcript)

    All nominations sent to the state level are reviewed by porfessional teams. Academic teams use only nominations. Peforming/visual art teams review nominations and conduct auditions, reflecting on both for their selections.

    Tips For A Great Nomination?

    • Choose your discipline wisely - ability & passion.
    • Write well; invest time in your essay and Personal Readiness questions.
    • Strong reccomendation are honest and speak well of you.
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