• Mrs. Banks' Classroom Behavior


    Throughout the school year we will be following the school-wide PBIS rules. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. It improves social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students. I want to encourage my students to speak and act in a positive manner throughout the school day.


    Creekside students will always follow the THREE R’s.


    Be READY




    We will review and learn to understand the importance of these three rules throughout the school year.These rules are being taught in every classroom, therefore expectations will follow the students year to year.


    In my personal classroom, I have decided NOT to use a posted color chart. As students need redirection or a consequence, I will speak to your child to decide how to correct behaviors and make better choices.


    In your child’s binder, there is a monthly calendar that will include student grades/notes. 

    At the end of each school day, I will let each child know independently what number they are on.

    1- Not Yet Proficient in Second Grade Behavior Expectations

    2- Approaching Proficiency of Second Grade Behavior Expectations 

    3- Proficient in Second Grade Behavior Expectations

    4- Exceeds Proficiency in Second Grade Behavior Expectations



    If your child recieves a 1, please look for a note for that day. This means that I have spoken to the student after many warnings about their behavior. We will have reflected on this at school, but I ask that all parents try to reinforce the same at home. This may come in an email or on Seesaw if it will not fit on the calendar. 


    As always, please email me with any concerns. Thank you for your support as we encourage our students to be positive learners.