• J.T. Barber Hip Hoppers

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The Hip Hoppers will begin its 2nd year at J.T. Barber Elementary. Students who are part of this special team will consist of selected 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. The team will practice every Monday afternoon from 3:15 – 4:00pm. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this special team so here are a few things I would like for you to know about the team and the selection process.

    In order to be part of the Hip Hoppers students must MASTER ALL requested skills and routine on the day of tryouts. The skills must be done with correct form and the routine must be done in sequence and on beat to music. Attached you will find the skills and routine required for try-outs. I will teach all skills and routine in PE class during a 1 week jump rope unit. Students will be given the skills sheet so they may practice at home. The skills are not easily mastered and additional practice will be necessary for many students. The students who master all of the skills with the correct form and routine will become a member of the Hip Hoppers. Please note I will only select 25 jumpers.


    C WEEK Classes: Thursday, August 1st                         Try-out day: Friday, August 2nd

    A WEEK Classes: Thurday, August 8th                          Try-out day: Friday, August 9th

    B WEEK Classes: Thursday, August 15th                       Try-out day: Friday, August 16th


    Try-outs will be held during your child’s PE class. Your child must be present on that day to be considered. It is very important for you and your child to understand the try-out team selection process before signing and returning the permission slip form. I will announce members of the team on Monday, August 19th .

    I am aware many students want to be part of the Hip Hoppers and this makes me very excited! I know many of the students will work very hard and practice many hours in hopes of becoming a member of this special team. The effort is valuable and should be commended regardless of the outcome of their try-outs in September. Once the selection process is complete the students will meet expectations set forth and abide by all rules. I will send a letter home stating the expectations, rules, and consequences if they are not honored.

    Thank you for your continued support!

    Mrs. Coleman

    Physical Education Instructor

    Jump Rope Skills

    Mastery List

    *Note: Skills must be demonstrated with correct form three or more times in a row.

    To become a Hip Hopper you must master the skills listed below.

    Level 1                                 Level 2                    Level 3 (4th and 5th only)

    Single Bounce Forward         Heel to Heel Double Under

    Single Bounce Backward      Toe to Toe Reverse

    Double Bounce Forward        Forward Criss Cross

    Bell                                       Side Side Jump Jump

    Skier                                     Scissors

    X                                          Straddle


    Team Routine

    Routine must be performed from memory and on beat with music.

    8 Side to Side Swings

    8 Single Bounce Forward

    4 Side Side Jump Jump

    4 Skier

    4 Bell

    8 Scissors

    2 Single Bounce Forward

    1 Forward Criss Cross

    2 Single Bounce Forward

    Hip Hoppers

    Tryout Permission Slip

    My child __________________________________ has my permission to try out for the Hip Hoppers Jump Rope Team.

    I/we understand my child will need to perform all skills and routine listed on the mastery skill list sheet to become a member of the team.

    I/we understand the nature of this team and the team selection process.

    I/we understand should my child become a member of this team, he/she will practice every Monday afternoon from 3:15 – 4:15pm and will need prompt transportation home.

    I/we understand if practices/performances should be held on any other day then Monday, I will be notified well in advance.

    I/we understand should my child become a member of this team, they will be expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior as well as appropriate effort and performance in the classroom and throughout the school community.

    I/we understand my child will maintain excellence in their academics and will be held accountable if not maintained.


    Hip Hoppers Tryout Permission Slip

    My child has permission to try-out for the Hip Hoppers.

    ____________________________________ Student Name

    ____________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature

    ____________________________________ Classroom Teacher

    *Your child must be present during their PE class on their scheduled try-out day!

    This form needs to be signed and returned to Mrs. Coleman no later than the following dates below:

    C WEEK Classes: Friday, August 31st

    A WEEK Classes: Friday, September 7th

    B WEEK Classes: Friday, September 14th