Welcome to American History! 

    American History is a required course for high school graduation. Students in American History analyze primary and secondary sources as they reflect social perspective and historical significance from the time period from 1763 through the end of 2020. Students will also develop skills which require them to inquire, think critcially, evaluate sources, use evidence, communicate and solve problems. In addition, students will:

    • Research the diversity of American experience

    • Develop 21st Century skills

    • Examine relationships between past and present

    • Build increasing sophistication in defining issues and using argument effectively

    • Create products and presentations that maintain standard conventions of written and oral language

    Course Standards 

    • Behavioral Science: Evaluate American identity in terms of perspective, change, and continuity

    • Civics and Government: Evaluate the relationship between the American people and the government in terms of freedom, equality, and power

    • Civics and Government: Analyze the American political system in terms of conflict, compromise, and consequence

    • Economics: Analyze the American economic system in terms of affluence, poverty, and mobility

    • Geography: Understand how movement, settlement, and expansion influenced American development

    • History: Understand the reasons for American involvement in conflicts and the domestic and foreign impacts

    • History: Evaluate the relationship between America and other nations in terms of national interests and global interdependence

    • History: Analyze various turning points in American history in terms of perspective, causation, and change

    • Inquiry: Apply the inquiry models to analyze ad evaluate social studies topics and issues in order to communicate conclusions and take informed actions


    It is going to be an OUTSTANDING year! Feel free to email me at talia.pavlich@cravenk12.org if you have any questions!