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Ms. Nelson

My name is Ms. Nelson.  I have lived in Havelock most of my life. I was born at the old hospital on Cherry Point MCAS.  My father, uncle, cousin, and brother-in-law were all active duty Marines and retired from the Marine Corps.  I have a daughter who just turned 24 years old. She is a high school biology, chemistry earth science, and physics teacher.   She is working on her PhD and also getting Married in November.         

Our favorite places of all are either the mountains or the beach.  

I would love to find out the places you have been.  We will talk about that during our time together!

I have 2 cats, named Oliver and Odie, and 3 dogs named Teddy Roosevelt (Cocker Spaniel), Fiona (Yorkie)  and  Geddy (Yorkiepoo... or Porkie).  

***There is lots of information on my website about bullies. 

Remember, there are kid bullies and there are even adult bullies. 

I have run across adult bullies before, just as you may know a bully too.

Both tend to be aggressive and try to take advantage of different situations. 

You do not have to be aggressive or mean to people for ANY reason!!

You can definately spot a bully by the way they act, what they do, things they say and how they say it.  [Do you know how to identify a bully? If you're not sure if you're being bullied ask someone! ] 

COMMUNICATION is the key.  

We can solve this together!!


If you are having a problem please either tell administration, guidance or a teacher. 

You may come to me ANYTIME!!

Bullies are just mean people who are unhappy with themselves and they try to show people how much power they have or how much they can control other people.  

Please talk to someone. Remember, you may talk to me anytime.  I always have time for you!! 


And remember, everyone can have a bad day.  If you have a bad day and take it out on someone ALWAYS apologize.  A simple "I'm Sorry" can go a long way!! Just because you have a bad day does not mean you are a bully.  APOLOGIZE if you had a bad day, if you've taken it out on someone! 



This website is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. 

Please take a look at the class sysllabus.  It provides a lot of information about the class and course. 



You may contact me at (252)444-5125.  Please leave a message with the front office. I will try to respond within 24 hours during the week.  If it is Friday it will be the following Monday, provided it is not a holiday, when I call you back. The fastest way to contact me and get a response is via email.  My email is:


If you experience any bullying remember to report it right away! Tell your parents, your guardian, your teacher, tell anybody that you need help!! Go to the Bully Page on my site and report it there too.  Don't be silent.  Don't be a victim.  You may be helping someone else too by telling someone about your experience!

 "There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict.  

Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn't with you, it is with themselves."