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Mr. Heiman


The GCF STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is an interactive lab to encourage students to explore these critical fields of study.

The STEM Lab is an online curriculum with hands-on lab experiences.  Therefore, the course is contained to work in the classroom only.  There is very little homework assigned unless the lab specifies a take home worksheet (a couple of the 6th grade labs have a few worksheets that need to be taken home to gather general information to use in the lab).

The online curriculum has been developed by the vendor - PITSCO - and the selection of labs were determined by the County CTE Director - Mr. Chris Bailey.

No assignments will be posted here.  Labs are randomly assigned to students in pairs (preferably) and we rotate labs and partners about every 10 - 12 days.

If you would like to see your son or daughter's progress with the PITSCO program the students can login and go to the My Progress link for a current printout (pdf file format).  Please note:  I do not use these grades directly.  The most accurate grades that will be used for report cards can be found using PowerSchool login.